Here are a selection of my favourite reviews and comments from my clients about my work. I take great pride in every single one of these, and it is incredibly rewarding to be recognised for a job well done.

Richard has been an amazing maths tutor for my son, who was really struggling with GCSE maths and the school had lost all hope for him. Richard showed faith and confidence in him when all around him were giving up on him. He always sent him extra stuff via the email and as a result my son passed his GCSE this year. I cannot recommend him enough, as he is genuinely amazing and hard working person. He also helped my other son with 11 plus maths nearer the test and my son came in the top 50 in his ranking and my 10 year believed that’s he found maths the easiest, while all doing the test thought that the maths was the hardest. An amazing tutor and will give his 100%. Thanks Richard!

Rich is an amazing tutor. He is able to communicate clearly whilst making the subject interesting. Rich’s positive friendly attitude have made maths interesting again for my teenage son.
It is so good to have a teacher who is inspirational and his enthusiasm for both maths and music is contagious. We couldn’t recommend Rich highly enough.

We initially decided to use Richard as a maths tutor for my daughter in preparation of her year 6 SATs as her maths confidence had dipped which was impacting her grades. Within a couple of months of tutoring her grades had jumped up and her confidence was soaring.
Richard did a great job of making sure the basics are thoroughly covered and also giving her challenging work to push her to the next level, whilst managing to keep the lessons fun.
Now in high school she enjoys her maths lessons with Richard so much we decided to make them permanent and she is sailing through her class work in the highest set.


Richard has been brilliant for my son, he is enthusiastic and now has a different approach to his maths. He has grown in confidence . I would recommend him without a doubt and will continue to use Richard as we feel the tutoring has been well worth it!

Our son has found Richard’s approach very helpful. He is reliable, professional and an enthusiastic inspiring teacher. During the time he has had lessons my son, he has made great progress in Maths and achieved an A at GCSE which he attributes in large measure to Richard’s input.
We have no hesitation in recommending Richard

When Richard tutors my son for maths, his mood seems to visibly lift! Richard seems to be a very upbeat enthusiastic tutor who so far is doing my son the world of good. My son is enjoying the tutor sessions very much.

Very pleased we chose Richard- my son looks forward to his lessons with relish- Richard teaches in a way that connects with children( suppose that’s why he’s a teacher and I’m not!)In my 9 year old sons words”I like him because he’s cool and patient!”

Without doubt selecting Richard as the tutor for our son was one of the best decisions we have made in terms of our son’s education. J had taken his GCSE maths a year early , in year 10, and had done well getting an A*. In year 11 he was entered for the Free Standing Maths Qualification (FSMQ) and this was a struggle so we decided to look for a tutor and selected Richard based on other references. Richard’s help has been wonderful as he has the perfect balance of knowledge , enthusiasm and personality that has helped J . Richard has also been very reliable, prompt and his tutoring is well planned and structured so that J now understands the difficult aspects of what is a little well known exam. The care and help Richard has given will not only help Joseph with his exam but has also instilled such an enthusiasm for maths that J will be taking maths as an A level. The tutoring on the FSMQ will be a huge help as J makes the step up from GCSE to A level .I would personally recommend Richard as a tutor and wish him well in his tutoring as he has all the talent and knowledge to help others.

My son feels like one lesson with Richard is the equivalent to 10 lessons at school and he really enjoys the session. Richard takes the complication out of maths and seems to explain it in a way my son can understand. Would highly recommend Richard as a tutor, I only wish Id taken the plunge earlier.

Hi Richard – Just wanted to let you know how very happy we are with your services! For the first time in a year Ruth is feeling confident about her AS Level Maths – thanks to your clear, concise, simple and friendly approach to teaching. Ruth’s confidence and abilities are growing and she looks forward to her sessions with you. You are punctual, reliable and flexible but most of all you are being successful at helping Ruth to understand and recall the information needed to cope with her AS Level Maths at Greenhead College. Thank you. P.S. We look forward to being the first to buy your guidebook!

From the moment that Richard started tutoring H, he boosted his confidence no end, which in its self has helped H in his maths class in school. H is enjoying Maths much more.
Harry looks forward to Richard’s lessons so much. We are so, so pleased that we chose Richard, as In the few short weeks that he has been working with H he has helped him no end. As true as his in video he makes his lessons positive and fun. I just wish we had booked him earlier, but now both myself and H cannot praise him highly enough!

I am so glad to have Richard as my maths tutor. Richard is extremely reliable and his patience knows no bounds. Richard is a brilliant teacher of maths who never leaves you with the feeling that you are ‘thick’ even if he has explained something 20 times to you already. Richard is able to explain maths in a way that takes away the fear and apprehension that one may have when it comes to maths. I cannot recommend Richard highly enough.

Richard is a fantastic tutor with passion. Very easy to get on with and is very merticulous in his teaching method.

I’m currently completing an NVQ which requires me to sit ‘functional skills’ maths exams. The help from Richard has been very useful in preparing for this exam.

Thanks Richard!

Richard has been providing support with maths for my daughters, aged 7 and 8, since December 2013. He is very enthusiastic and able to engage both children, who have very different learning styles and personalities.
We have found Richard to be professional and reliable and he makes learning fun, which is essential when the girls have already completed a full day at school.
We would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who is seeking extra tuition.

Richard manages to convey his enthusiasm and engage our son’s interest and enthusiasm for maths.
In my experience, children are impressed by teacher who, know their subject well, are interested in it and tuned into their pupils. Richard exceeds these criteria and overs a level of excitement and enthusiasm that puts it together brilliantly.

Richard is a very patient tutor and explains problems in a simple way. My daughter has appeared more confident since starting lessons with him