My approach to Tutoring

So what will online lessons with me be like?

Well, in a few words:  Targeted, efficient, bespoke and relaxed.

A confident learner is a successful learner and that confidence is crucial. I will encourage, not humiliate (I will never, ever, belittle or make my clients feel small) and you can be confident that topics are pitched perfectly so my students can make speedy progress straight away. Do not underestimate the importance of pitch. Beginning Mathematics teachers make the fatal mistake of thinking that mathematics is easier than it is, or that their students can grasp ideas that they can’t. There is no shortcut in knowing how to pitch a mathematics lesson.

I teach lessons that are truly tailor made to my student. The way I teach will be informed by them and their ability, the way I structure my questions, the way I might even ask the questions, are all driven by that ability, and where they are in their development of mathematical thinking.

Exam rubric (what the exam boards want to see and how they want to see it) will feature heavily and weaknesses will be consolidated over time. Because I have been an examiner for certain mathematics exams, I know how the papers are marked, and how best to structure answers (or not, as the case may be) so full marks can be gained.

As I have had lots of experience teaching in schools, this is has given me unique insight into how teachers and lecturers think, (I used to be one) and what they would like to see from their students who are engaged in private teaching. I will be asking to see if they have noticed an improvement.
Short term gain is not the only thing on the menu, either. I aim to help students over the long term by also discussing revision strategies and memory aids to ensure that topics covered in sessions will remain fresh and exam ready.
Remember, an  exam is not only a test of what you can do, it is also a test of what you
can remember.
Teaching is a two way process so expect questions. Lots and lot of questions. If any stumbling blocks have been encountered I will use a range of questioning techniques to get to the bottom of the problem. Once identified bridges will be built, and firm foundations laid, on which to build even more knowledge. Effective Questioning is how a teacher successfully does their job. One of the key benefits of Online Teaching is having the opportunity to assess a students’ knowledge in a relaxed, calm and non judgmental environment, and remedy where appropriate.

I aim to do much more than just increase grades however. I aim to inspire, increase confidence and show that Maths  is something that everyone can do.